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Karen, aka Dancin Sheshed is a red fawn female born June 1, 2019. Her sire is Defrim Bale and her dam is Dancing LaFonda. Karen has no races to her credit. She is okay with small dogs but has not yet been evaluated with cats. 

Karen is a sweet ginger-colored girl with large, lovely, medium brown eyes and a petite nose. She has some white toes on neat, compact feet. She’s not super large though she’s muscular and fit.

Karen was shy when she first came to GALT and has made a lot of progress since those first days. She’s in a home with three confident dogs who provide model affection and trust. Karen picked up their cues fast. She comes into my home office during the day to seek affection and often naps on the bed closest to my desk. She will lean her forehead against my legs and stand there forever while I massage her neck. Speaking of fast learner, it took her three meals to learn the crate-while-eating routine here, and now runs ahead of me as I take her bowl to the crate. And she knew exactly what to do with the dog door. Clever girl!

Karen feels a little unsure on a leash alone and does very well in a harness. She walks a couple of miles per day with me and enjoys them. She has a big yard where she runs and patrols with the other dogs, so she gets plenty of exercise. She is friendly and appropriate with dogs and is small-dog safe. With human strangers, it takes her a minute to watch and evaluate by observing cues: this person is good, or everything is OK and I can approach. Karen is not afraid of thunder or gunfire.

Karen came from an environment where she was handled a lot. She submits calmly to nail trims, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, removing and replacing her collar, and putting on a coat with a neck that covers her eyes briefly. She will be easy for her future family to maintain. She also enjoys car rides, such as curbside pickup runs and longer rides, too. She can sometimes be vocal, though not excessively. She has not counter surfed in my home however she does supervise cooking closely.

Karen is looking for a home where she has a yard, and at least one other big, confident dog to help her feel safe and exhibit the loving behaviors you’re looking for. She is highly food motivated and can be trained for a home with no dog door. She will need your patience while she acclimates. She’s not been tested with children; older kids (12+) who are respectful, kind, and have experience with family dogs, would likely be fine.

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