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Additional Adoption Fee Information

GALTx-AZ is charging an adoption fee of $750 for greyhounds 6 years and younger and $450 for those 7 and over.

Frank is a gentle giant with a heart of gold. Initially reserved, he quickly warms up to those around him, revealing his affectionate and loyal nature. Despite his imposing size of 77 lbs, he is as gentle as can be, especially with his beloved 12-year-old friend. Frank’s leash manners are impeccable, showcasing his readiness for new adventures. Although he’s yet to experience the comfort of a home, he’s eager to learn the ins and outs of indoor living with a patient and caring family. Frank’s amiable disposition extends to small dogs, and he has shown promising potential to coexist with cats. His true happiness will blossom in the company of another greyhound companion, as he thrives in the presence of his fellow hounds.