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Davey is a 3.5 year old black male born on May 4, 2018. His sire is Deco Glen Lee and his dam is Flying Skillful. Davey was never registered but was found a stray in Chappell Hill where he wandered for about 3 weeks. He should not live with cats or small animals.

Davey is a sweet boy who had a hard time adjusting to life when he was in boarding. He is looking for a very patient human who can help him with home life and better acclimate with people. He really is that Greyhound anomaly of a guard dog – he wants to protect you from intruders, sometimes even your friends! He is slowly learning that being nice to people comes with great rewards and love. When he knows you are his human, he loves you back unconditionally.

Davey loves a car ride and enjoys laying down in the car for a snooze. He loves a good walk each day to look for squirrels and sunbakes in the grass in the afternoon. He would do well in a house with a yard for this reason. He has had minimal accidents and sleeps well thru the night. He likes his crate ok as long as there is a nice thick bed inside – none of those thin crate pads for this boy!

He is the messiest eater and drinker and you will probably find kibble all over your house that accidentally fell out of his mouth. He can’t help being a little sloppy – it’s part of his charm. He is also very picky with treats. He must be watching his diet because he is very no carb – only protein!

Davey really is a pussycat underneath his gruff exterior. He needs someone who is not afraid of his initial reaction and will look past it to love him like the ridiculously sweet boy he is. Patience, Time and Love are the keys to his happiness. Davey does well as an only dog in a house with a yard and walks around the neighborhood. Apartment life would be too stressful for him with so many distractions. Davey should not live with children, cats or small dogs.

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