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Bob Barker

Bob Barker is an approximately 5 year old fawn male. He was living with a family in an unhappy situation in Amarillo when a good samaritan took over his care. She couldn’t keep him so he came to GALT. Bob gets along with children, dogs and cats. He has been successfully treated for Ehrlichia and is ready to find his forever home.

Bob Barker is the epitome of Chill. Or the dog definition of Zen. Or may be just the calmest, sweetest, most gentle and laid-back boy you will ever meet. His soulful eyes take everything in, and very little bothers him. Bob Barker is perfectly happy to stand at your side and soak in all the love you will give him. Bob Barker is great with other animals: he lets cats head-bump him without flinching, lets other dogs sniff him head to toe, and will happily sit next to you on the couch once invited up. He does not appreciate a young whipper-snapper in my home that wanted to stand over him as Bob Barker lay on the floor, and gave one very timid growl. Contrary to his name, I have only heard one bark out of him, and that was due to another hound alerting the household that the Amazon delivery guy was at the door. He has not barked since! Bob Barker’s greatest joy is people, followed closely by food. He wakes up excited to be fed breakfast.  Actually, I think he’d love breakfast offered several times a day! Bob Barker will gently take any treat at any time. He learned the dog door in a day, and has never had an accident in the house. He roaches. He smiles. His preference is to lie on a dog bed, on a carpet or on a couch and has never showed interest in a people-bed. He is “pawsy”: will attempt to reach out to you for love, will lift a leg up for you to achieve full belly-rubbing access, and just wants to be near. Bob Barker has such expressive eyes, and a heart of gold. If he could speak, I know he’d say “LOVE ME AND LET ME LOVE YOU!” Please consider giving Bob Barker the loving home he deserves.
Bob Barker's Foster Family