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Blondie is an approximately 6 year old white with fawn female born in 2016. She came to GALT with Jeanie and Snow when their owner could no longer care for them. She was successfully treated for heartworms and is now looking for her forever home. Blondie will be tested for small animal and cat tolerance soon.

Blondie is a super housemate with a bit of mystery. This calm precious girl will spend her day on a dog bed in the house. Then without notice she’ll jump up and run like crazy from one end of the house to another. Do you think she hears someone calling her? Did someone open a treat bag? Whatever it is, she has absolutely no thought except to get from point A to point B as fast as possible. Unfortunately she has no respect for personal space, so she’ll whiz by human and greyhound alike. Luckily her nonchalant attitude toward personal space extends to her own – one of her foster siblings will lie on the bed with her and she doesn’t mind at all; she also doesn’t respond to growls from a senior Greyhound who defends his boundaries.

Blondie is very food-oriented, though has a somewhat sensitive tummy so treats and new foods need to be offered slowly. She luckily is happy with  just the tiniest bit of a treat when others are getting  their ‘good dog cookies’!

Blondie can be a bit cautious in new situations (such as the vet’s office), however, once she starts being petted she’s pretty happy. Outside, she likes to visit certain parts of the yard and will sometimes be lost in her world of exploration – the chickens seem to fascinate her; not to worry, they’re behind a fence so no one is harmed. She’ll come in the house when called (I use a call of ‘Coo-eeee’ for the dogs); if she’s done with her exploration she’ll come to the door and jump up to let me know it’s time to come in for a nap.

Blondie hasn’t really played with stuffies and instead will search out food anywhere – a leftover treat or cookie, or maybe even a dinner crumb. She doesn’t counter surf at all. She eats in her crate only so I can monitor her food intake. Her house manners are good so she doesn’t need to be kenneled. If she is created she will complain a bit, so be aware if you have neighbors that she knows all the verses to the song of her people.

Blondie may need a bit of time to relax in her new home, and then she will adapt to your routine and find her place in your home and heart.

Blondie's Foster Family