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Jeanie is a fawn female born in 2019. She came to GALT with Blondie and Snow when their owner could no longer care for them. She was successfully treated for heartworms and is now looking for her forever home. Jeanie will be tested for small animal and cat tolerance soon.

I dream of Jeanie with the light brown hair…and cute white eyelashes…andsuper soft coat. This little Greyhound-Saluki mix girl is just perfect and so photogenic! Considering her horrific beginnings confined to a yard and tethered to a clothesline,she is the most wonderful companion. All she wants is a cozy place to sleep,usually on a couch; delicious food and treats; a place to sunbathe and walks.
Jeanie overcame a lengthy battle with heartworms and is doing greyt now. The only thing that upsets this lovely girl is getting rained on and thunder. We’ve had to dodge sprinklers on our walks, an easy maneuver. During a storm she seeks out a crate, shakes a bit and waits for the rattling to go away. With enough notice, I try to give her a calming chew before the weather gets bad to lessen her stress. 
Jeanie has lovely house manners; she’s quiet, stays out of the kitchen during food prep and she’s a bit too short to counter surf. She sleeps quietly through the night, usually in another room, and in the morning comes into the bedroom to lay down on a dog bed until we get up. 
Apparently, she believes our backyard is for sunbathing and not necessarily to potty. She would much rather go on a real walk to do her business. OMG Jeanie is the easiest dog to walk, it’s rare for us to to loose-leash walk a hound – there’s no pulling unless she finds something unpleasant to eat! She is appropriately inquisitive about small dogs and bunnies; she can even get within 3 feet of a rabbit and has no reaction…just a “hello bunny” vibe from her. It’s the cutest thing. 
When we’re out, we let her roam with the other dogs. She may choose a crate, a dog bed or a couch to relax until we get back. Mealtime and treat time are the BEST part of her day! Jeanie does a happy prance and excitedly dances to her food spot. Then in the evening, DESSERT! She gets her nummy then races to her bed to eat it. If others happen to leave a crumb,Jeanie will be there to clean up after them.
This easy going girl can happily live alone or with other dogs; in a house or apartment – just as long as there are people to love on her and cuddle up with on the couch at night. Jeanie is a gem and will make a fabulous companion.
Jeanie's Foster Family