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Ava is a 1 year old fawn female greyhound born on June 9, 2018. While Ava was not individually registered, we know her sire is SH Avatar and her dam is Omega Miss. Ava decided early on to pass the racing circuit and directly look for her forever home. She has a striking dark spot on her forehead and dark rimmed eyes – a really beautiful girl! She was in a home for some time but has been returned through no fault of her own. Ava should not live with cats at this time.

Ava is a very pretty young lady with a sweet personality to match her good looks. She likes people, both adults and children and seems to want to make friends with everyone. She also gets along well with my dog, but sadly would not be a good friend to cats.

At home Ava is a happy playful girl who enjoys playing with all the toys in the toy basket and running around in the fenced back yard. She loves to be petted and likes to nap on a dog bed in whatever room I’m in. Away from home she can be timid about unfamiliar sounds and sights. When frightened she usually freezes in place and has to be reassured and encouraged to start walking again. She is making progress, but the world is a big new place for Ava and she is still learning to be brave. Ava found apartment life a bit too scary and is doing much better in a home environment with a yard.

Ava has a perfect record of no accidents in my house. She is crated when I am out. She doesn’t go into the crate voluntarily, though when I put her in she curls up and naps peacefully until I return to let her out. She’s still a bit of a playful pup at heart, sometimes testing things with her mouth to see what is a toy; she knows what “no” means and is learning what she can play with.

Ava is a sweet girl who just wants a forever home, a few toys and someone who will love her and understand if she isn’t always brave.

Ava's Foster Family