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Additional Adoption Fee Information

GALTx-AZ is charging an adoption fee of $750 for greyhounds 6 years and younger and $450 for those 7 and over.

Austin, aka From the Ashes, is a black male born January 7, 2019.  His sire is Flying Fired Up and his dam is Trace Amount. Austin comes to GALT from Australia after running 28 races. He is undergoing intake and we’ll know more about him soon. He should not live with cats. 

Aussie Austin is patiently waiting for his furever home. He is a handsome hound seeking a BFF. He is good as an only dog if his person is around most of the time. Interaction with other dogs seems to be hit and miss. He did great at his vacation foster who had two other male greyhounds. He did not do so well with our son’s dachshund.

He likes a slower start to his morning (very non-greyhound). He’ll let you sleep as late as 8:00 before he starts looking to be released from his crate. He loves sleeping in his crate. That is his safe space. If left out over night, he will cry until you put him to bed in his crate. We also crate him when we leave the house.

He loves his beds and will spend the day snoozing away in the same room you are in. I’m on calls all day with work and he is quiet as can be.

He starts looking for his daily walk around 4:00. Evenings are his play time. He loves toys and chews. He has yet to de-stuff anything.

He is not thunder phobic but we did have one really LOUD clap of thunder that shook the house and he didn’t like that at all.

I think he would do well in a home or apartment with little to no yard as long as he gets a good daily walk. You would need to be committed to this daily. When I can’t walk him he has to burn off his energy in the back yard running zoomies. If it’s rainy day he will run zoomies in the house. He really does need that time.

I don’t recommend a home with younger children. He loves to cuddle but he also sleep startles. When he is woken up suddenly due to a noise or a movement, his initial reaction sometimes (not always) is to growl and snap. While this is simply a reflex to protecting his space, this is not always a good mix with younger kids. We no longer allow him on any furniture for this reason. He loves climbing up on the couch and curling up next to you which is sweet as can be, but not recommended. He has not had a sleep startle episode on the dog beds, only on the couch.

He is such a sweet, calm and loving hound that would love to have a family of his own.

Austin's Foster Family