Pansy is a 4 year old black female born in 2015. She was part of the population from the blood bank facility located in Cherokee, TX that closed in November 2017. Pansy has been evaluated and has completed her medical procedures by GALT's veterinarians. She is a shy, sweet girl. Pansy is ok with cats but we don't know yet about other small animals. Pansy should be in a home where there are other dogs. Please check back periodically for updates on this sweet, shy girl as her journey to a forever home unfolds.

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Darling Pansy is such a beautiful girl yet still troubled by her past. We don't know how long she was at the Cherokee Blood Bank, though we know that still lingers on her mind 2 years later. She typically keeps to herself inside and will engage with other dogs outside. When we go to give her some love, she still cowers - it's tough knowing she wants to trust and just can't be sure.

Pansy is very observant and processes her surroundings. She is a creature of habit and when that routine is disrupted, she gets unsettled. Pansy is the most stoic dog we've had. She got a nasty gash and she didn't say a peep. While she was healing we had to relocate her safe place to make it easier to take her on walks. The area became her quickly new routine until she healed.

We don't crate her and at night she sleeps on the couch after we've gone to bed - and she will jump off if we come into the room, thinking she did something wrong. We never scold her for being on the couch - if it gives her confidence we encourage it.

Pansy knows the word "outside" and will jump off her bed and race to the back door to go out. Sometimes she dashes through the house so the door needs to be open! Noises outside can frighten her and then she'll run back in. Then there are those times we stand with the door open and wait for her to make sure it's ok to come inside. Note - Pansy recently moved to a new foster home with a dog door so can take control of her needs. It's another confidence boost that she can go in and out to her heart's content without relying on a 2-legger.

Corraling Pansy to put a leash on can sometimes be a challenge, likely another unpleasant event from her previous life. Once on lead she is submissive and will go with you. Outside she will pull so you have to make sure she is secure; Pansy will pee and poop then want to go right back in the safety of the house. Surprisingly she rides beautifully in the car and jumps/flies right in and out.

Pansy must be in a home with other dogs - small or large, she likes them all. A house with a yard and preferably a dog door is best; apartment life with unfamiliar noises would make her too nervous. Pansy is not one to actively engage her people. She watches the other dogs interact with us and so far she hasn't tried to approach us. We just want her to be in a peaceful and quiet home where she can be safe and loved, even from a distance. We've seen a lot of progress over the last 2 years and every move to a foster home has been a step forward. Pansy will continue to transform and have pleasant memories to replace her past. This beautiful girl needs all the patience, time and love the right family can give her.

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