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Xander (AKA Kelso’s Sanction) born May 23, 2013, is a red fawn male with 49 races back in the day. He was surrendered to GALT due to changes in the family’s living arrangements

He’s a big boy at 85 lbs and is a pure gentleman, with the most peaceful personality. He is food-motivated and received his Good Citizen training certificate. He is calm and rock steady except when he tap dances for his meals! He stands quietly and patiently for all handling and procedures and has lived with other large and smallish/medium dogs; he cannot live with cats.

Xander’s foster mom calls him her ‘plug-n-play’ foster because he blended in with the pack from day 1.  He shares space with two greyhounds and an 18lb crazed Pug/Jack Russel mix, all who are 10 years old.  Xander likes lazy days in his senior living home, moving from one dog bed to the next.  When he sleeps he seems to be reliving his racing days, his hind legs kicking up a storm to the point where his back end lifts up off the bed, a sight to see. He sleeps peacefully through the night with the rest of the pack in his foster mom’s bedroom.
Xander’s favorite time of day seems to be EARLY in the morning, when he wanders into the living room and does zoomies or helicopter spins.  Once he gets his aerobic exercise out of the way he’s ready for his first potty break of the day then breakfast.  Xander really enjoys mealtime, sometimes breaking out into a hopping dance while his food is being prepared.  He quickly learned where his food station is, standing ready for his bowl to be put down for him.  He is a fast eater and is very polite, not bothering the other dogs if they are still eating.  Xander also likes his mid day treats his foster mom gives the dogs outside.  He’s learned to get in line for his treat and waits patiently for his turn.
Xander doesn’t seem interested in stuffed toys.  He seems to be content with getting scritches from his foster mom, tries to give her a kiss but his needle nose gets in the way.  He does like to ‘roo’ when he hears a fire/police siren, breaking into his song along with his housemates. Xander also likes to go for a stroll around the neighborhood and does very well on the leash, walking calmly next to his foster mom.  He is non-reactive to the barking dogs in the neighborhood and is very good when encountering people. He likes car rides but does need some assistance getting his huge self in and out of the SUV.  He does pretty good getting in and out of a mini-van though.
His foster mom says Xander is the perfect dog and the family he selects for his next forever home will be very blessed. Xander will return all the love his next family bestows on him.