Running at the Rainbow Bridge


Trevor is a 8 year old fawn male greyhound mix born on March 1, 2014. He was surrendered by his owner in Oklahoma through no fault of his own. Trevor is currently undergoing medical evaluation. He is good with other dogs, cats and kids. Trevor would prefer another hound as a companion. Please check back soon for updates.

Trevor is a handsome and solid hound looking to live out his most golden years with the right family. 
Trevor’s favorite times of the day are breakfast, dinner, and cuddle times! This boy loves food and loves love and will follow you anywhere. Trevor’s best forever home will be with an owner that works from home or is retired. He is okay staying alone for a couple of hours thought he doesn’t appreciate long periods left unattended. 
For a senior hound, he’s still very playful and loves stuffy toys and delicious chews. Trevor is sight impaired (blind in one eye and partially blind in the other eye) so his best forever home will have an uncluttered home with a simple layout where he can easily navigate his way. Trevor enjoys walks and can also do well with other sources of enrichment if daily walks are not feasible. Given his vision impairment, scent work is a great source of joy for him (e.g., tracking down hidden kibbles and snacks in the house and yard). 
Trevor has greyt house manners – he potties outside and is not a counter surfer or destructive. He is a pretty quiet boy unless you are late for meal time, then he will do the most delightful “roll and growl” until his attendant serves him up his meal. 
Trevor is a “Velcro” hound and if you’re looking for a fan club that gives unconditional love, he’ll be your first and truest member. Trevor previously lived with cats and small dogs, though he does not currently live with them in his foster home. If an applicant has cats or small dogs, we would want to test him again to ensure he’s still tolerant.
Trevor's Foster Family