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Additional Adoption Fee Information

GALT is charging an adoption fee of $750 for Australian retired racing greyhounds 7 years and younger and $650 for those 8 and over.

The Australian greyhounds arrive to us spayed or neutered with current rabies vaccinations. The transportation cost averages $1,620 per dog, and GALT spends another approximately $400 for CBC blood work with heartworm test, Protatek testing, dental and vaccinations required for this environment.

For its almost 22 years in existence, GALT has operated as a 501 (c) 3 Corporation. The Australian retired racers’ adoption fee correlates to this policy.

This hound’s adoption fee is: $750

Timmy, aka Tommy Rockin, is a fawn male greyhound born October 24, 2017 and is from Australia. His sire is Shoulders and his dam is Pearl’s Choice. Timmy has 34 races to his credit on Greyhound Data. Timmy has yet to be evaluated for cats and small animals. He loves to swim and is suitable for children 5 or older.

Timmy is an easy-going, smart, and lovable greyhound. He is a super sweet boy who loves nothing more than to lounge around for the better part of the day. He only takes breaks from napping to quickly patrol the house, looking for anything new, fun, and exciting.

He gets along really well with the other two dogs (both are other males) in the house, and he may also be just fine as the only dog in a home. He is not very food-motivated, often preferring to graze on his meals versus eating it all in one sitting.  Timmy is however, learning from the others that good dogs make happy plates in one sitting (otherwise an unattended dinner bowl may very well get repossessed by another enterprising greyhound unless a watchful foster mamma intervenes). He also learned to take his treats on his bed just like the other boys do.

Timmy picked up the house-training portion of the program very quickly. He thankfully knows when and where to use the facilities. He sleeps all night in his crate and goes between his dog bed and the crate for his daytime naps.

He wags his tail and comes to you when called. He loves the attention and sometimes seems to go into this blissful meditation-like trance when you are petting him.

He enjoys playing with tennis balls in the yard. He is also very curious about what is on the other side of the fence, so a taller enclosure may be best for Timmy. When in the house, he really loves moving the blankets around from the other dog beds to his bed and is sure to give them a good shaking in the process. He loves toys and can be tough on the squeaky ones. After what is usually a brief play time, Timmy does the most excellent greyhound statue-like sit before laying down.

He is making progress with his walking and leash manners. Although, the bunnies seem to taunt him when he is walking around the neighborhood. His forever family should continue to work with him on his walks.

Overall, Timmy is an excellent boy who is very affectionate, and friendly. He really is the perfect “plug-and-play” greyhound.

Timmy's Foster Family