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Tabitha is a black female born July 26, 2019.  She was in a home for some time but came to GALT to find her forever home where she can be an only dog. Tabitha should not live with cats or small dogs. 

Tabitha is a little girl, just 51 pounds, with a mighty big personality and she packs an abundance of sweetness. Tabby is a love bug, who’s smart and very well-behaved. She understands “no” and “go to your bed”. She sits, though not always on command just yet. We’re working on that!

Her beautiful, shiny black coat glistens in the light and she has that perfectly muscled greyhound body with a high-cut tummy so, on top of her other attributes, she’s beautiful on the outside too.

Although Tabby is full of energy, and she LOVES to run, she would probably be okay in an apartment with several walks a day and a good run once or twice a week. Ideally, she’d be happiest with a large yard she could run in whenever she chose to. As a little alpha girl who can get scrappy, Tabby would do fine as an only dog. However, she also quickly caves and becomes quite submissive to a bigger hound with higher status so she could live peacefully with the right dog and careful introductions.

Playing with toys is a happy pastime for Tabby. She loves to squeak them, toss them high, then catch them in mid-air or pounce on them when they hit the floor. She is excellent when walking on the leash. While she must sniff every blade of grass, she doesn’t pull or wander on a walk. Her day is made when she gets to ride in the car. She jumps in, settles right down, and watches the world go by with great interest. We have a canal out back where many ducks swim and watching them is another joyful pastime for her.

Tabby is fully housebroken and crates well, although she’s well-behaved when left alone and doesn’t really need to be crated as long as there’s no left food left about that she can reach. She has a great appetite and she finishes every meal quickly. She “roaches” when she sleeps too.

If you’re looking for a great little greyhound girl, you must meet Tabby! She’s a joy to have around. She should not live with small dogs or cats.

Tabitha's Foster Family