Running at the Rainbow Bridge


Sandy is an approximately 6 year old red fawn female who came to us with a very large mammary tumor. It was successfully removed by surgeons at the Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center, and Sandy is now ready to find her forever home! She is okay with small dogs, and would be fine as an only dog as well. Sandy is not cat tolerant.

First and foremost, Sandy is a lovely companion. She is smaller in stature, likes to be near her people, does not get on furniture, is the world’s best car-rider, loves walks and enjoys being out in the sun.

Sandy came to us with an unsightly, and obviously uncomfortable mass on her abdomen. Even though the margins on the tumor were not clean, the oncologist indicated it was a low-grade tumor and long term care is not needed. If she was in pain, she didn’t show it. After her surgery, Sandy was the best patient. She dealt with the cone-of-shame like no dog we’ve ever had. She never banged into walls, doorways or people the entire 2 weeks she had to wear it. Of course Sandy was happy to have her figure back after she got the sutures removed. Likely because of having had the mass for so long, that may be why she doesn’t jump on furniture.

Sandy is not fond of cooler weather and loves being in a jacket or covered with a blanket on a chilly day. She comes up for loving and usually lets us know when she needs to go outside. Recently Sandy discovered toys after weeks of watching her housemates play with them. Even though she is presently part of a pack, we don’t feel she needs other dogs to be content.

When it’s time for a walk, Sandy waits patiently to get leashed up. Once outside she has the most lovely, purposeful prance/trot as she explores the neighborhood. Our walks are usually short due to our tri-pawd, and we feel Sandy would be open to longer walks if given the opportunity. Sandy is on the lookout for squirrels and bunnies whether on a walk or in the backyard. For the most part she is pretty quiet though she has been known to bark for no apparent reason, and we did observe her howling to a train whistle.

Sandy is an all-around “good girl” and will make a wonderful addition to a family looking for a loyal friend.

Sandy's Foster Family