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Ragnar is a black with white male staghound estimated to have been born in 2015. He was surrendered to GALT because he can no longer hunt and his former owner wants him to be happy in a home more suited to his needs. It is not known at this time if he is small animal or cat tolerant but he does get along well with other larger dogs.

Enter Ragnar, the Viking heartthrob in search of his forever kingdom – your family! At the start, he’s a tad scared, but give him a minute, and he blossoms into a love-packed dynamo. Ragnar’s primary quest? Love. He craves it like a toddler craves candy.

Snuggles? It’s his love language. Intelligence? Well, he’s practically the Einstein of canines, opening doors and following directions that even his Foster Sisters find befuddling. Bedtime? Exclusive. He only graces your bed with his majestic presence when formally invited, like a furry VIP.

He’s got some separation anxiety – who wouldn’t want at least one mate in this big, scary world? Breakfast isn’t his cup of tea, but he insists on at least one cup. Now, dinner? That’s a Michelin-star affair, demanding a cup and a half of culinary perfection. Treats are a newfound delicacy, and shoes? They’re his play buddies, not chew toys. Fashion-forward much?

As a former hunter, tiny pets are likely off the menu – it’s not personal; it’s just his warrior instincts. Forget a pat, and he’ll remind you with a dignified head nudge – an elegant nudge for an elegant Viking. Contrary to rumors, Ragnar’s a daily player, and squeaky toys are his newfound obsession. He’s not just house trained; he’s practically the butler, provided he has access or a diligent doorman.

In his kingdom, a fortress is a must – a secure enclosure, at least 6 feet tall, because even Vikings value their privacy. Ragnar’s Foster Mom, wise and TV-savvy, hasn’t left him alone for more than 3 hours, employing the ancient art of loud TV distraction. At night, Ragnar sleeps like a monarch, on a bed adjacent to his chosen person.

Ready for a saga of love, laughter, and squeaky toy symphonies? Ragnar awaits your kingdom!

Ragnar's Foster Family