Poppy is a 6 year old white and fawn/brindle female born on January 4, 2016. She is an AKC registered greyhound and was surrendered to GALT by her owner. Poppy is not cat tolerant but is okay with small dogs.

Poppy is a beautiful 5-year-old AKC greyhound. She was bred for show instead of racing and is she ever the beauty queen! Poppy enjoys walks, meals, car rides, meals, her daily training routine, meals; did I mention she loves to eat?

She is a white hound with a curling tail and a few patches of light brindle. Her gorgeous eyes are the color of cognac, and her little button nose is grey instead of black. She stops traffic when we’re out for our walks. Poppy is great on a leash and enjoys walks. Sometimes passing vehicles and loud noises can cause concern, but we’re working on ‘pay attention to me ‘ training, which quickly restores her confidence.

She is great with my chihuahua mix, Lola. Poppy is large, 71 pounds, and as playful as a 2-year-old. I watch their play carefully just in case. I would not consider Poppy cat safe. She has a high prey drive for small fuzzy animals that get into the yard. She enjoys every kind of toy and mental stimulation you can imagine. Snuffle mats, Kongs, hidden treat toys, cow hooves for chewing, wobblers and all treat-dispensing toys, knotted ropes, and of course, squeaky toys.

Poppy uses the doggy door like a champ. She has never had an accident in the house. She has good house manners but can’t resist food on the counters. I’e learned to be cautious with high-value ingredients when cooking, and we’re working on “stay out of the kitchen” training. We’re also working on patience at meal training. She is learning to not dive into her bowl as I approach with her meal.

She loves to run errands with me and enjoys longer drives into Dallas and Carrollton. On the way home from trips to Dallas, she sleeps with her head on the console between the front seats. She jumps in and out of the car easily without prompting.

This girl has had a life full of change and tumult. It has left her with anxiety about the world and what the next day will bring. She is recovering from a dislocated hip that required surgical repair. She is using the leg well again. She is looking for a home with a yard, a doggy door, and another dog. Her ideal human would be retired or works at home and not going back to the office.

Poppy would not be suitable for apartments. She barks at strangers and has a big, booming voice. Her someone would be willing to take her along on errands and trips. Ideally, her adopter will be in DFW so she can be introduced to them over a period of weeks instead of the normal way adoptions are handled. Her ideal adopter will have had experience with anxious dogs and know the rewards patience brings. Her someone will be 100% committed to honoring her need for behavioral medications and daily training. They are necessary for a successful relationship. This beautiful girl is totally worth it.

Poppy's Foster Family