Running at the Rainbow Bridge


Patch is an 11 year old white and red male born in 2011. He was in a home for some time but sadly, his owner passed away. He came in with Pansy who was his roommate.  He is now seeking his final forever home.

Patch is a handsome older gentleman that does not come across as a senior hound at all. Sadly, Patch came to GALTx NM recently due to the death of his owner. Patch would love to find his final forever home where he could get lots of attention and love. Patch loves to be with his foster family and two foster greyhound sisters and gets along well with them. He loves going for walks and does very well on a leash. He can tend to be a bit of an elitist and will often bark at other dogs being walked while he is out and about. Patch “got the memo” about loving hedgehog stuffies and has been known to deposit them throughout the house for easy access and ready availability for a good play session. 

Patch has done very well in his foster home since arrival late last year. There have been no accidents and he will let you know when he needs to go out by going to the door. Patch eats well although he likes to have brunch and dinner. He is not a counter surfer and will only occasionally try to eat out of the other dog’s bowls. 

Patch does fine being left with his foster sisters and is very excited when the foster parents return. He loves attention and follows his foster mom around the house. If your goal is to never have to go to the bathroom alone, then you are in luck as Patch provides the company! Patch also has made a trusted office assistant while his foster mom works from home. He will lay on a bed quietly beside her while she is working. 

Patch has not been in a crate since he came to his foster family and shows no need to be crated. Patch has also not shown any interest in getting up on the furniture even though his foster siblings do so regularly. 

Are you ready to patch up this sweet boy’s plans for a forever home and family? If yes, you couldn’t make a better choice.

Patch's Foster Family