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Paddy is a brindle male who was secured by good Samaritans on St. Patrick’s Day after they were alerted to a handsome boy wandering in a neighborhood near Boling, TX. Paddy is estimated to be born in 2018 and is good with small dogs. He has successfully completed treament for Ehrlichia, and is looking to find his forever home.
Paddy is a gorgeous lemon brindle with lovely eyes, one a little darker than the other. He’s a tall, slender, elegant young boy who moves with the grace of a cat. He’s charming and a little on the shy side.
When Paddy arrived, he was reserved and wary. After a couple of weeks, he changed his mind about human affection. He enjoys a good face rub and leans against me while I rub his very long flanks. His house manners are top-notch. He doesn’t get on beds or furniture in my home, though a different pack dynamic might have him experimenting with couch surfing. He hangs out in the kitchen during meal prep, wagging his tail in unison with his packmate. He looks lovingly over the top of the counter at whatever is being prepared and resisting temptation, he doesn’t try to take it. He’s used the doggy door from day one and does not have accidents in the house.
Paddy’s favorite things are chasing squirrels, patrolling the yard, eating treats, and playing with squeaky toys. He likes to carry his toys around the yard at a gallop and toss them. And he likes to chase anything you toss to him and can catch toys and treats mid-air. Like most greyhounds, he doesn’t fetch, but he brings toys and balls close enough to encourage you to keep throwing them. He loves zoomies with his packmates. His favorite treat is dehydrated chicken feet. He draws the line at raw veggies though he likes cooked vegetables. He enjoys a variety of beds including a nicely appointed crate that he sleeps in when he wishes to. The door stays open; he can come and go as he pleases. Paddy eats his meals in the crate and runs ahead of me so he can be ready when his bowl arrives.
Paddy is startled by loud noises and sudden movements yet sleeps through storms. He does react to fireworks and settles down quickly when they stop. We are working on leash manners. He is a strong young fella and wants to pull; he would do better with an adopter who can manage a strong, determined dog. We use a harness because of his tendency to startle at unexpected sounds.
Paddy needs a quiet, reassuring home with other dogs and a yard. He lives peacefully with a 10-lb terrier mix. With lots of love and patience, he will become a loving, confident member of the family. He’s occasionally vocal, so no apartments for this boy.
Paddy's Foster Family