Oreo is a 1 1/2 year old white with black female. She was surrendered to GALT by her owner. She is good with kids, large dogs and cats. Oreo will be medically evaluated soon.

Oreo is a pretty cowdoggie girl from Oklahoma. Coyote hunting wasn’t her thing, so she made her way to GALT to be a full-time pet. Having likely grown up around lots of other dogs, Oreo has fantastic dog social skills and (proper) introductions have been a breeze. She has been a perfect pack mate to lots of greyhounds and greyhound mixes and is even very tolerant of a household kitty; she mostly ignores the kitty and just might be a little scared of cats!

Oreo is likely a greyhound mix; her foster mom predicts a little saluki in her heritage given the cute little curl to her tail, her floppy ears, beautiful strong snout and the little spring to her step. Speaking of spring, Oreo will only be adopted to a home with a very secure yard as she shows tendencies toward putting her paws up on walls and fences as if to leap up and out (short block walls or fences are not in her best interest). Oreo loves walks and does not pull on the leash; she will “statue” at times (on walks and after turnouts), though that may subside as she gains confidence in pet life and in her handlers. Oreo loves the outdoors and because of that has voted a strong “no” to apartment life as she needs a yard. Oreo has been very responsive to training and is food motivated making learning new behaviors so much easier. She’s house trained and is coming most of the time when she’s called. Oreo rides okay in the car, it doesn’t seem to stress her; she does, however, need to be belted/harnessed in for the ride.

Whatever Oreo’s pedigree is, she definitely got the “greyhound memo” and is super calm for her age and enjoys her naps. She has made an excellent home-office co-wagger and stays very quiet on conference calls (and is quiet in general). Oreo would do great with a family that is either retired or works from home as she likes her people home to give her pets, love, and snacks; she’s been okay being left at home alone for a couple of hours and gets anxious for her people to return when it lasts much longer. Oreo has a strict “open door” crate policy – appreciating a place to nest and a closed door has triggered confinement anxiety.  Although she’s a super calm girl, she’s still a puppy at heart – and a puppy with her mouth, so her adoptive family will need to be very careful about supervising her play with stuffed toys and also be good about keeping things out of reach.

Everyone that has met Oreo remarks on her in the same way: 1) she’s adorable and 2) she’s going to make someone an amazing pet. We couldn’t agree more! 

Oreo's Foster Family