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Ollie is a white with brindle whippet born January 15, 2023. He was in a home but
was too energetic for their old, ill boxer so he has come to GALT to find a more suitable home. Ollie should not live with cats but he is good with kids.

Ollie is a sweet, affectionate, and extremely active puppy. He is well mannered and shows no aggression. He does like to jump up on you when excited, and corrects quickly from any misbehavior with one exception – getting on the furniture. He loves to cuddle with people or other dogs, and doesn’t like laying alone.

Ollie should be homed with 1 if not 2 other medium or larger dogs close to his age. He is small dog safe as long as they can keep up with him. He runs and plays non-stop and expects his housemates to keep up. Interactive toys offer a good stimulus to keep him occupied as well as a rousing game of fetch…warning – you will tire of it before he will!

He does like toys and has not chewed any furniture; if left alone and uncrated – shoes, or other items are fair game. He is housebroken. He does not bark, though he does grunt and grumble. He goes in his kennel if bribed with a treat and sleeps quietly through the night. Just don’t leave the room or he’ll panic. Thunderstorms make him anxious for about the first 15 minutes or so, and then he calms down.

Due to his size and liking to jump up (especially if you are holding food/treats) I would not recommend he live with small children. I also would not recommend apartment life. He needs lots of exercise multiple times daily and walking on a leash will not do it for him.

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