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Additional Adoption Fee Information

GALTx-AZ is charging an adoption fee of $750 for greyhounds 6 years and younger and $450 for those 7 and over.

Meet Oisin, the embodiment of tranquility and affection, a gentle ‘old man’ with a heart of gold. This smoochie boy is the epitome of a super sweetheart, adored for his calm and loving nature. While he enjoys his morning zoomies and outdoor adventures, Oisin’s true joy lies in the simple pleasures of lounging about and soaking up the love of his human companions. Sociable with other greyhounds, he prefers gentle interactions to rough play. Oisin is the perfect companion for households seeking a serene and laid-back canine companion, and due to his size, ideal for families with older children or retirees. His love for cuddles knows no bounds, making him happiest when surrounded by those who adore him. Although he may not require daily walks, Oisin delights in short bursts of energy, especially when splashing through water puddles. As a people-focused pup, he thrives on companionship and is content to snuggle up on the couch next to his favorite humans. With his independent yet confident demeanor, Oisin brings warmth and joy to any home lucky enough to have him.