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Nico is a black with white male greyhound/borzoi/Irish wolfhound mix born sometime in 2016.  He comes to GALT from a coyote hunter who is no longer able to care for him. Nico should not live with cats or small dogs.

I like big boys and I cannot lie! Nico is a big gentle giant with a stunning shiny tuxedo coat. He recently retired from coyote hunting in Corrales, NM. He’s a gorgeous mix of Irish Wolfhound, Borzoi, and Greyhound and weighs in at 105 lbs. His former owner said he is an “alpha” but here in his GALT foster home, he hasn’t shown any signs of that, living peacefully inside with other hounds ranging from 38 to 78 pounds (both a male and females). Outside, we segregate him from the smaller and senior hounds for safety and segregate him at feeding time. Nico walks well on a harness and collar/leash combo and is very well mannered unless a rabbit hops by (and will pull in these cases). Nico is a sociable hound at our weekly pack walks and he has been a perfect patio dining companion at local restaurants. Everyone he meets falls in love with this handsome hound.

Having lived his first years in an outdoor kennel, we (his foster family) are working on getting him 100% on house training and not counter surfing; his forever family will need to continue with good routines and structure to help him continue good habits. He is very food motivated which makes training easier. He is an excellent and non-picky eater and earns his “bowl cleaner award” at every meal.

He is a bit of a Velcro boy and follows his people around and loves to be pet. He is normally quiet and has made an excellent work from home office mate; he will roo along with his foster pack though and has a lovely baritone voice. He is the most compliant hound we have ever had during needed care activities like taking pills, getting groomed, taking a bath, wearing a cone (after his neuter), wearing a muzzle when needed, and for the Vet (our clinic LOVES him and can’t wait for his visits).

Nico got the best of all of his breed makeup, he got the sweetness of the Irish Wolfhound, the tall slender elegance of the Borzoi, and the calm content disposition of the greyhound. His forever family is going to be quite lucky to call this boy their own. His ideal forever home will have a nice big yard and a large pack mate or two.

Nico's Foster Family