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Additional Adoption Fee Information

GALT is charging an adoption fee of $750 for Australian retired racing greyhounds 7 years and younger and $650 for those 8 and over.

The Australian greyhounds arrive to us spayed or neutered with current rabies vaccinations. The transportation cost averages $1,620 per dog, and GALT spends another approximately $400 for CBC blood work with heartworm test, Protatek testing, dental and vaccinations required for this environment.

For its almost 22 years in existence, GALT has operated as a 501 (c) 3 Corporation. The Australian retired racers’ adoption fee correlates to this policy.

This hound’s adoption fee is: $750

Muttley is a 3 year old black male greyhound born February 21, 2020 and is from Australia. His sire is Worm Burner and his dam is Rattlesnake Cafe. He has yet to be evaluated for cats and small animals. Muttley would do well with children.

What is Aussie slang for a sweet, happy puppy who just wants to have fun? That would be Muttley. Chronologically he’s three, thought we thought he was a younger dog. He is such an exuberant sweetie.

Muttley is from Australia and was in the U.S. for a week when he came to us. He is solid black with just a few touches of white on his feet and a small white blaze on his chest. His coat is soft – oh, so soft – and right now has a brown tint to it. It’s just his kennel coat and will be shed in the future. 

He is SO ready to go to his forever family. He is housetrained, not destructive, gets along with our greyhound and does well with all sizes of dogs. He eats well and sleeps well. He sleeps in our bedroom and often goes to bed before we do and gets up around 7AM. Sometimes he will sleep in the crate which is on the landing outside our bedroom. We usually don’t crate him when we leave. We work from home and do not leave for long periods of time. He likes being inside more than outside. He does OK on his walks; we think a harness will help if he gets distracted or excited by something he sees. Fun fact – Australia doesn’t have squirrels…Muttley has now discovered the wonderment of squirrels. 

His biggest problem is he can go overboard with puppy-like enthusiasm. We think he would love to have a chance to play with older kids and/or have some direction for all that energy.  He is ok with younger children though he could overwhelm them, so we feel Muttley’s probably best with kids ages 9 and up who would always be willing to play.

Oh, and he does bark. His bark has a high pitch whine to it and it really sounds anxious. Sometimes I think he just barks because he‘s hearing noises and sounds he doesn’t recognize from Australia. The longer he is with us the less he barks. He doesn’t bark at people who come to the door.

Muttley’s ideal home would have people around to play with him, give him lots of loving and be the center of his universe. He can live with small or larger dogs and would prefer to not be left alone too long.

Muttley's Foster Family