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Maddy, aka Slatex Maddie Mae, is lovely white with brindle ticking senior born February 16, 2015. Her sire is KC and All and her dam is Slatex Cindel. Both parents were fairly successful racers. She had 3 races at Valley Race Park in Harlingen. Maddy was in a home for quite a few years before her owners’ health declined and she was returned through no fault of her own. It is not known at this time if Maddy will be small animal or cat tolerant.

Hello, I’m Maddy, a sweet 8-year-old greyhound in search of a second chance at love.

With a warm heart and a calm demeanor, there’s nothing I love more than being around people and sharing quiet moments.

I might be a bit timid, especially when meeting new people. If you give me lots of pets, I’ll reward you with an irresistible “come hither” look. When you approach, I might be shy at first, looking away, rest assured, I adore your attention and will seek you out later for more.

I’m a fantastic eater and enjoy indulging in treats – especially canned whipped cream! I’m a bit underweight right now and I appreciate a lightweight jacket in the cold. When temperatures drop, I’ll do my business in record time to return to the warmth of the house.

Unlike most greyhounds, I’m not a fan of dog beds. The family room’s big fluffy rug is my preferred spot – it’s incredibly comfortable, and I’m happy there.

I’m not the most adventurous pup; I tend to stick to the kitchen and family room in my foster home. Occasionally, I venture into the backyard, where I might playfully chase my foster family’s greyhound. During walks, I like to stay within sight of home.

You might notice a slight limp when I walk, likely from a past injury, and I’m prone to corns on my back right foot – a common greyhound quirk. With proper care, especially when those corns are treated, I walk with much more ease.

In my foster home, I’ve never had an accident, and I don’t get on furniture. Stairs aren’t my thing either, so I’m content on the first floor. I prefer to save my energy for a sweet dance and twirl to greet my foster parents when they return home from work.

I’m highly obedient and happily comply during baths and nail trims – I understand they’re for my well-being. I’m a grateful and happy girl, appreciative of everything my foster family does for me.

Life has taken me on a journey, and now, I’m hoping to find a forever home where I can be cherished and adored.

If you’re ready to open your heart to a gentle soul who will be a great companion and loyal friend, let’s create a new chapter together.

~love, Maddy