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Jenny, aka LK’s Jennifer, is a white with black ticking female born February 26, 2021.  Her sire is LK’s Now R Never and her dam is LK’s True Retro. Jenny has 24 races to her credit at Wheeling Downs.  She arrived at GALT with a broken leg that required expensive surgery.  It is unknown if she can live with cats or small animals but gets along well with other dogs.

Update 10/20/23 – Jenny’s broken leg has healed and she is ready to find her forever home.

Jenny is a gem! She is a happy and affectionate girl who has been with us since recovering from surgery to mend a broken leg. In most ways, you would never know she had been injured. She happily races through the house and yard with our male greyhound, usually on patrol for squirrels, and she is an extraordinary roacher, frequently striking goofy and exuberant poses that keep us laughing. She is starting to take more of an interest in toys and will methodically empty the toy box until she finds the one she wants.

Jenny loves to go for walks and sees them as an opportunity for exploring sights and smells. She will move at a fast pace and then suddenly stop or veer in front of you if something grabs her attention. She is always on the lookout for squirrels, whether on walks or watching out the windows, though she doesn’t tend to lunge at them. Mostly, she just stops to watch them with great interest, and she will occasionally let out a short, sharp bark. She does not bark or lunge at other dogs on our walks (whether large or small), or at cats; she has not yet been small-animal tested.

Jenny has been a model housemate and companion to our male greyhound. She quickly learned how to use the dog door and has never had an accident in our house. Jenny does not use a crate. She sleeps on a dog bed and is allowed to freely roam the house when we are gone. She is more food-motivated and a much faster eater than our dog (and will benefit from using a slow feeder bowl), fortunately she does not make any efforts to finish his bowl. Instead, she respectfully moves on to another part of the house when she is finished.

Jenny does have two requests for patience from her forever family. First, although she is fully capable of going up and down a flight of 8 cement stairs outside, she has shied away from our indoor staircase and as a result, has ended up sleeping downstairs alone. She does this peacefully for most of the night though will cry downstairs for attention by the early hours of the morning. A house with no stairs and a family who is not away for long hours would be perfect for her, and we are also hopeful that she will gain the confidence she needs in time. Second, Jenny is sensitive to feeling like she is being “grabbed” and will let out a dramatic “greyhound scream of death” if you approach her the wrong way. We have learned to go in slowly and at her level for leashing her and toweling her off, and when we are standing, we have learned that she prefers to be petted on the head and front of her body. (When she is lying down or roaching, if you sit down next to her, she loves to be petted everywhere!). She also happily accepts petting and attention from any new people she meets.

This beautiful spotted and speckled girl is ready for a retirement full of love, treats, and walks. Are you ready for her?

Jenny's Foster Family