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Gus is a fawn male greyhound mix. He was used for coyote hunting in Oklahoma. Gus has been diagnosed with Pannus and takes daily drops for that. Gus should not live with cats or small dogs.

Gus is a big, furry lovebug! He’s never met anyone he didn’t love. He’ll come to you for frequent head scratches. He loves to sit on the patio and “survey the land.” He also loves all types of squeaky toys and will play in the late afternoon. Watching him play with his toys is a delight! He eats very well with a little chicken or beef broth in his food. He doesn’t jump on counters, though due to his height, if anything is on the edge of a counter, he’ll grab it. He especially loves carbs!

He’s very strong, so a harness is recommended for walks. He really loves his walks and car rides! He can be dog-reactive, so it’s best to walk where you aren’t likely to encounter other dogs. He was good buddies with a male Greyhound in his previous home, so he’d likely do well with another big dog. Gus does exhibit some resource guarding with high-value food or the dog bed. For this reason, he might be fine as an only dog, though best with someone who works from home or is home a lot. He really loves his people!

Gus has pannus (a chronic condition affecting the cornea or clear part of the eye) which is controlled with daily prescription eye drops (Tacrolimus 0.02%). He’s a very good boy about getting his drops. His diminished eyesight doesn’t impact his ability to navigate stairs and other obstacles.

Gus’s ideal home should have people to adore, plenty of toys, a yard to play and explore. Gus cannot live with cats or small dogs.

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