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Geo is a 5 year old, black, male greyhound. His sire is Gigawatt and his dam is CTW Giftofbronze. He and Moby are siblings. Geo has no races to his credit. He has successfully completed treatment for internal parasites, and is ready to find is forever home! We do know that Geo is not cat or small dog tolerant.

Geo is a big, handsome boy with a soft, shiny, black velvet coat. At 5 1/2 years young Geo is happy, healthy and so many years ahead of him. He sustained a foot injury a few months ago that is fully healed. He recently had his cast taken off and he’s learning to put that leg back down. For now, he walks very gingerly and doesn’t put his full weight on it; that improves daily and will resolve over time with slow walks on soft surfaces.

“G” is a vocal greyhound who communicates his needs and desires quite clearly. His typical ‘requests’ are for food, treats, a potty break, or a blankie if he’s cold. He enjoys napping in the crate though he’s very well behaved and doesn’t get into trouble when left alone so he doesn’t require crating.

He’s fully housebroken, adores toys of all kinds, loves his meals, lounging in the sun and will soon enjoy his walks again. Geo jumps into the car on his own, settles down quickly, and thoroughly enjoys the ride.

While Geo lived as an only before, we feel he enjoys the company of other canines. Due to his vocals, and mild separation anxiety when his favorite person leaves, he should not live in an apartment. The fear of missing out is strong with this one – where you go, he will follow! Geo is a Velcro boy looking for a family to be the center of his universe. 

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