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Geo is a 5 year old, black, male greyhound. His sire is Gigawatt and his dam is CTW Giftofbronze. He and Moby are siblings. Geo has no races to his credit. He has successfully completed treatment for internal parasites, and is ready to find is forever home! We do know that Geo is not cat or small dog tolerant.

Geo is the first male that we have fostered for GALT.  We have always heard that the boys were generally sweeter and more affectionate than the girls.  And this is entirely true with Geo.

Geo has been in our home for the last several months and he has been a wonderful addition to our household.  There have been no issues with accidents in the house, no marking, quickly learned the dog door, sits for treats – just an all around great greyhound.  And he gives kisses too!

He loves toys, grabbing and tossing them in the air, and watching the backyard for any slow squirrels.  He also loves sitting on the back patio on the dog bed and watching the traffic going by behind our house – just hanging out.  He currently has a slight limp, though it does not slow him down at all!  

He is the first dog that we have fostered that is somewhat “vocal.”  (Our girls rarely bark.)   Geo communicates his needs and desires quite clearly. His typical ‘requests’ are for food, treats, a potty break, or a blankie if he’s cold. He will bark (and run out the dog door at full speed), when he sees another dog walking along our chain link fence.  Once he has “defended his territory,” he quickly comes back in and retires to the dog bed.

If you are looking for a perfect gentleman, Geo is your boy.  His ideal home is one with other medium to large dogs, people to adore and no stairs. Apartment life does not suit him due to his tendency to be vocal if no one is home. I must admit that we will miss him greatly once he finds his forever home.

Geo's Foster Family