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Flash is an approximately 1.5 year old brindle and white Siberian Husky/American Staffy mix. He was found as a stray in Stephenville, TX, and taken in by an older gentleman who could not care for him. Flash is a happy, happy boy who will love an active home. Flash is not cat or small dog tolerant.

Flash’s non-refundable adoption fee is $125.

Howdy y’all, I’m Flash! If you haven’t heard the rumors yet, I’m the best good boy in Texas! I know already my basic commands like sit, down, touch, kennel and I’m housebroken! How about all that for an 8 month old puppy (estimate of my age)?! I’m so happy that GALT stepped up to save me even though I’m not a full breed greyhound, I might not have any sighthound in me, but I’d like to think I have some super-fast genes in me! I call myself an honorary 30 mile-an-hour-certainly-not-a-couch-potato!

Since I’m so young I have a lot of energy and I’d love an active family! I also need to have a house with a yard and a buddy I can play with because you might not have enough energy to play with me all the time. My 2-legged people say it’s a blessing that I know “kennel” and am ok staying in my kennel for a while during the days to give them a break! Of course, I don’t want to stay there all the time, so if you need to do something important and can’t play with me I’m ok waiting some time in my kennel. I also like to sleep there and I’m ok if you have my kennel in a different room, I’m confident that in the morning you’ll come to let me out and boy am I happy to wish you good morning!! I’m really sweet and love to give kisses to you and other dogs!

I’m good with other dogs, I’m puppy-submissive with older dogs but I’ll always like to push their limits to play more until they tell me enough is enough. I can be pretty rambunctious when I play so I’d like my buddies to be at least 50 lbs. I also loooove my chew toys! So please have one or two for me so I’ll stay away from doing bad things.

Leash manners I still need to practice a little as I get really excited when I get to go for a walk and I can walk for miles and miles! I’m a very good learner as I really like hearing “Good boy!” I listen when you talk to me, but it’s the endless energy that just sometimes gets me sidetracked. So if you’re looking for an active young dog I’m your boy!

Cheers, Flash

In Flash's own words, as told to his foster parents