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Colt, aka KL’s Colter, is an almost 4 year brindle and white male. His sire is Pat C Clement and his dam is KL’s Christy. Colt was quite the racer with 86 races at Southland to his credit on Greyhound Data. He should not live with cats or small dogs. Colt is undergoing medical evaluation.

Colt is a quiet curious fella. He loves to be around his people and will follow you from room to room. If I get up he will be right behind me – the fear of missing out is strong with this one! He has a bit of separation anxiety and has made great strides when his people leaving for a while. He has done great in our training sessions and will need a bit more time to become confident.

Colt is clever, slender, and being the ex-racer – ready to bolt if you leave a window of opportunity. If not careful on walks, he will go after a cat in an instant. He does love to be out and walking around the neighborhood.

Colt was a champion racer and retired early due to a muscle strain (there’s no lingering effect). He crates well, if not left for extended periods of time. He has done so well in the house that I no longer crate him at night or when I leave. He doesn’t counter surf, though I wouldn’t tempt him with food on the edge.

Colt is completely house broken and will softly whine when he needs to go out. We go out about every 3 hours during the day and can be found roaching comfortably at night. Colt is learning to play with toys and is showing signs of fetching. However, I do most of the fetching while he watches! Colt is an absolute dream on car rides, we have gone up to 2 hours joyriding with no issue.

Colt’s ideal forever home should be a quiet environment as he continues to adjust from race to home life. Colt will do best with a companion dog and no cats or small dogs.

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