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Brock is a dark brindle Irish Wolfhound/Dogo Argentino male mix born in 2021.  He came to us as an owner surrender in East Texas with his brother, Charlie, and is undergoing intake at this time. Brock has lived with cats and dogs. He is not fond of chickens however. He is presently being treated for Ehrlichia.

Update 10/20/23 – Brock completed his treatment for the tick-borne disease Ehrlichia and will soon be ready to find his forever home.

Brock is not your typical sighthound. He’s a unique mix of Irish Wolfhound and mastiff. We affectionately call him Brock-head, an attribute he got from his Dogo Argentino mother. His looks are deceiving, beneath his somewhat imposing exterior is a sweet and loving soul who wants nothing more than to have a family to call his own. 
Brock, or Lefty as we like to call him because of his one white paw, enjoys the company of people and likes to be near them at all times. He is currently living with three greyhounds and a cat. He is a very curious guy and likes to go exploring. Brock is often a quiet guy, and is easily entertained by landscapers, and passersby. Brock enjoys squeaky toys, neck scratches, ear scratches, racing around the yard,  Brock also knows when it’s time to TCB ( take care of business) outside and stands at the back door to let us know. 
Fair notice, Brock is quite agile for his size! He can run stairs, jump into cars and gracefully leap over baby gates and short fences. Our boy will do best in a home with a 6 ft fence or higher. Brock’s ideal home will have plenty of toys, a yard to run, canine or feline friends and people to cherish. Young children may be knocked over if he gets too excited.
He is a quick learner and already knows “come”, “leave it”.  With some formal training, there’s no limit to what this “little” lover boy can learn.
Brock's Foster Family