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Until recently, Atticus spent his life in a home as an only dog. Tragically his owner passed away in February. Since then, Atticus has been adrift in the world (as we all are, from time to time), but he hasn’t let it get him down. His happy little spirit is evident despite the rocky upset of this recent chapter and every person who meets him falls in love with his enthusiastic (and chaotic) tail wags.

He is a very people centered hound, and loves to make new human friends. If you are home, Atticus will want to be where you are, be it living room, bedroom or bathroom. In his foster home, he liked to sleep next to his foster mom and understood when it’s bedtime. Typically, If you are home, he will follow you to make sure that he’s not missing any chance at some attention or snacks. Atticus has been left alone at home during the day for long stretches of time and hasn’t gotten into any trouble (no bathroom accidents or chewing) although he would certainly be smart and ambitious enough to counter surf and probe for bonus treats if given the chance.

Atticus is a firm believer that age is just a number. Despite technically being in the senior class, he loves to go on long walks and will dance around when he sees you grab the leash. He loves to be outside in the sun but doesn’t bark or cause a nuisance. He has a curious mind and wants to know what everyone is up to. He will always be so happy to see you when you return home and he is a leaner. He will lean right into you if he gets the slightest sense that you will love on him and he very much wants to show that he loves you right back.

Atticus needs to find his new forever home soonest. He is quick to trust and always assumes the best of everybody he meets. This people-loving boy needs an only-dog home where he can be adored and can adore his person. He has many years of happy tail wagging in his future. He just needs to find his new place in the world for his next and hopefully final chapter. Atticus shouldn’t live with small dogs, cats, or other pets.