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Sunday, August 10, 2003
1:30 to 4:30pm
Houn' House Training Building
4928 Dozier Road, Carrollton, Texas

Do you really think that every time your greyhound has a potty accident in the house it's because he/she has to go to the bathroom? Do you think that because your greyhound chews on your best pair of leather shoes it's because he/she is still very "puppy like?" Sometimes it is difficult to understand what your greyhound is trying to tell you. It is not always the obvious.

Would you like to be able to think like your greyhound and be better able to communicate desirable behaviors and redirect inappropriate behaviors?

Are you interested in teaching your greyhound good manners and polite social skills to help your greyhound understand his/her place in your home and earn the praise "GOOD DOG!"?

Do you ever ask yourself, "Who runs this house anyway - me or the dog?" Would you like to learn how to be the "alpha" in your home and earn the respect of your greyhound?

GALT invites you to bring your greyhound (or more than one) on August 10, 2003, to hear Mary Waugh tell you (and show you) how you might accomplish these things - how to "think like a greyhound." It will be an interactive fun event for you and your greyhound.

Mary Waugh is a GALT behavior consultant. She teaches the greyhound DogSkills 101 and 102 classes. Mary is an experienced trainer, who teaches freestyle, obedience and agility and gives public education seminars. She has worked with many shelters and rescue organizations. Mary says training is about finding incentives and using them. The incentives and the exercises vary, but developing a rapport and having fun are what it's all about.

Mark your calendars now - August 10 from 1:30 until 4:30. People snacks and dog snacks will be provided - all you have to provide is your dog and a willingness to learn and to have some fun (and of course, tell greyhound stories).

If we haven't seen you in a while, please come and bring your greyhound. We would love to see you both. If we see you often, we enjoy it so much we want to see you again.

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