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DogSkills 101 Testimonial

Hi to All!

Just wanted to give you all a quick rundown on who we saw last night in obedience, and also to thank Mary so much for such an informative, FUN class!

Buzz was there with his Mom and her son. It was sweet to see him stand there with his family and the young boy doing his best to help and to love on Buzz! Buzz was happy and has a BIG bark! They said he is an excellent alarm dog! :)) He feels he needs to 'warn' his family of any encroaching 'danger.' ;-)) Quite a character... and those EARS - a greyt face!!

Percy was there and is he a DEAR! He was obviously very bonded to his mom and she to him. He was quiet and would just lean his sweet head into her and look at her, then close his eyes and sigh as she stroked him. I was very touched by their relationship. A big, regal boy with a shiny coat!

Merry was there and she looks GREAT! Her coat is looking so good and she is the most feminine girl!! Such a cutie who flirted with all the boys and just HAD to come and meet EVERYONE!!! What a smart, happy girl!!! And her mom just adores her!

Tigger was there and I learned that his "Dad" is also Mary's dad!! Well, the "home visits" <g> he has with Mary became very clear when Tigger demonstrated everything perfectly for those of us plodding along on our first efforts ;-))) Tigger is comfortable and oh so happy with his new family and he is looking wonderful! He's gained weight and his coat is slick and luxurious! (However, I still think it's totally unfair to make the rest of us look so slooooooowwwww <grin>) He was a blast to watch as he did his BEST to get those treats and to please his family!!

Bishop was there with Dad and was happy, shiny and sooo sweet! He truly wanted to please his human, and his dad was a proud, doting, loving man! Another greyt match!!

I was there with the Mr. Petey! Mary said he had been one of her favorites at Houn' House, and being non-biased myself, I agreed that she was quite right in her assessment of him! ;-)) Of course, Mary probably had DOZENS of favorites at Houn' House, but it was apparent that she knew Petey. However, let us say that he did not impress the judges at this particular Olympic trial - LOL. He actually did pretty well at following the treats SHE made, but essentially spit mine out and pouted when "forced" to sniff what I brought! What a clown. He barked a few times trying to get someone to make a break for it and PLAY with him! Luckily, the other dogs were better behaved than mine :( We're trying... Well... OK... we did hear ONE (very positive and rather humorous) "tail" about one of your dogs, Nancy... Heh heh heh... so maybe Petey will suddenly bloom in a few weeks! It gives me hope! :-o)~

Can't wait for next week!!! Just thought you all might like an update on the adopted dogs that were there!!!

Emily and Petey, who seems to be smarter than me, because HE is training ME!

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