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Greyhound Planet Day

Greyhound Planet Day
September 22, 2002

Sunday, September 22, GALT celebrated Greyhound Planet Day by spreading the word of greyhounds as companion pets at Addison's 15th Annual Oktoberfest!

GALT was located on the front porch and lawn of the historical Stone Cottage, and it was a perfectly lovely location for the greys with many shade trees. Hundreds of folks strolled by, stopping to visit and give a pet or two to the GALT greys. GALT's members and volunteers educated the attending public about greyhounds as companion pets.

Greyhound Planet Day Button

Canine Commissary generously sponsored Billy Buttons, so everyone was able to have the commemoration of this first annual Greyhound Planet Day documented by having a picture made with their greyhounds.

Greyhound Adoption League of Texas was the only breed-specific adoption group featured at the festival. GALT's sincere thanks to the City of Addision for once again hosting the greyhounds at this annual fun event.

Some of those helping to spread the word about our beloved greys were:

  • Yvonne & Tom Cone with Whimsey
  • Joyce & Stephen England with Gretchen and Gambler
  • Lisa Benglesdorf with Mandy and Cody
  • Melissa Cody and Suzanne & Gary Cody with Winston and Fancy
  • Nancy Colwell with Xander and Corkie
  • Suzanne Griggs with Cash and Sage
  • Ron & Cindy Nichols with Cobbler
  • Kathleen & Brian Moake with Ramsey
  • Martha & Steve Gregorich with Ally and Zeke
  • Dave & Marilyn Cole with Jammer, Katie and Hootie
  • Maritza Romero with Scrabble
  • Carol Sahlfeld with Lance
  • Kris Schuster
  • Robin Toula
  • Carol & Tom Pulley with Miss Cool and Zeke
  • Susie & John McQuade with Bob, KoKa Mo and Katie Bonnet
  • Joe & Mary Hoiles with Max
  • Joann & Scott Young with Moon Shine
  • Michelle Scarlett
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