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Canine Freestyle Class
Dancing with your Greyhound!

Always wanted to try dancing with your greyhound? GALT's Advisory Director and Obedience Class Instructor, Mary Waugh Swindell, is looking for enough takers to have a Canine Freestyle class at Woofgang Doggie Daycare (George Bush and Old Denton Rd) in Carrolton. It would be the last class of the evening, starting for all the night owls at 9 pm-10 pm for 6 weeks. Cost would be $85.00 and would start Feb 1st. If you've seen Canine Freestyle on Animal Planet, at some of her demos, or on TV and wanted to try, now is your chance! Five people are needed to have a class, so email Mary Waugh Swindell at ASAP if you'd like to enroll!

Canine Freestyle (Dancing with your Dog)
Dance with your dog in the living room? Now it's time to take it on the road! This class is wonderful for teaching body consciousness to dogs, teaching backwards skills for Rally obedience, as well as a myriad of skills you can use for obedience, agility and just for fun! This class will teach your dog how to weave through your legs, how to flip backwards through your legs, heeling backwards and sideways, spinning, twisting and a whole lot more. We will work with various pieces of music to help you and your dog find the beat! This class is suitable for dogs of all ages and skill levels provided they love to learn and to have fun with their owners! Join Mary and Devon and practice the skills and steps that put them on Animal Planet. Bring your dog, treats, toys, and a sense of humor and be ready for a great time!


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