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Greyhound Obedience Training

Registration for all the classes at Woof Gang Doggy Day Care can be done through Mary directly at Registration for our Greyhounds Only Class is available here. All classes are for 6 weeks and cost $85.00.

The next DOGSKILLS 101 class starts Wednesday, September 10. DOGSKILLS 102 starts Wednesday, October 29.

Canine Good Citizen Testing
With each dog disaster reported on the news and TV, our society worries about the safety of the dog population. What better great way to show off your pooch and to promote good PR for your breed than by showing that they are indeed a Canine Good Citizen!

Many people also use the Canine Good Citizen test as the first step towards the Therapy Dog test, as it follows a very similar structure.

Please contact Mary if you are interested in participating so that we can keep you updated on the next scheduled testing.

Intermediate Obedience Class
Remember taking puppy classes with your dog? Does your dog remember? How do those commands look? Refresh your dog's mind and help to refine their skills by taking them through our Intermediate obedience class. Help focus on that important Stay command while encouraging the dogs now to heel beside you instead of walking everywhere. Kids (and a parent) are encouraged to attend.

Beginners Obedience Class
For kids and adults, start your new dog or puppy off right, or take your current dog through some training to help them learn to be a better family pet! Our classes will help you teach your dog to stop jumping, walk on a leash, sit and down, stay and come. Basic handling and good health care are also discussed in the class. Plan on bringing toys, treats and having fun!

Click N Trick
Want to relax and just have some fun, develop some party tricks for those family reunions and barbecues? Teach your dog to balance a bone on their nose, shake, wave, and many more. Learn how to play "101 games with a box." Expand your dog's mind and enjoy their company playing and teaching them with the clicker. This class will cover different games and tricks than our last Click N Trick class, contact Mary for more specific class agendas.

Boarding and Training
Headed out of town for a week? Staying home but need some serious help? Let us help by taking your dog for some intensive training. Space is limited as we only prefer to take one boarder at a time. Dogs not already enrolled in training with Dancing Dogs are required to have a private session before consideration for boarding. Please contact Mary directly to discuss days that are available.

Private sessions
Too busy for schedule classes? Talk to Mary about scheduling a private session at your house, at the Dog Park, or wherever you're having trouble. Our one on one sessions are geared to your projects and your problems. Get that intensive training to steer you and your pup in the right direction and out of frustration!

Mary Waugh Swindell

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