Canine Commisary M&G

July 24, 2004

GALT does not usually write about monthly "Meet the Greyhounds" events, but on Saturday it was so nice to be inside the store (instead of outside in the July heat) and the greyhounds had so much fun shopping and visiting, that we thought it would be fun to show you some of their pictures – especially "Miss Photogenic" (that's Freckles) shopping for toys. Of course, her foster mom, Suzanne Burke, could not resist and purchased one for her.

All the greyhounds, Freckles, Michael, Ginger, Peter, Desi and Robin, seemed glad to be there and get an extra ration of petting from the customers. Only Dinero would have preferred his bed at home, even though he enjoyed the petting. It was greyt to see Mack, who came with his new people to visit foster mom, Carol.