Ginger Ginger

Ginger, aka Little Red (B's Babe) is a beautiful five-year-old red female, born February 9, 1999. Ginger finished her "schooling" in February 2001, but did not race beyond that time. Ginger was in a home from September 2001 to May 2004. She was returned to GALT due to a death in the family. Ginger is not small animal or cat tolerant.


Ginger, aka Little Red, no doubt inherited both names because of her gorgeous red coloring. In this foster home, true elegance is appreciated and she is now dubbed Ginger Rogers. Unlike her foster mom, Ginger Rogers needs no makeup in the morning as she was born with natural eyeliner and a beautiful black mask. Very exotic looking and reminiscent of sighthounds depicted on the Egyptian tombs, Ginger Rogers is a tribute to her ancient heritage. But who said looks are everything? Certainly not Ms. Rogers.

Early on her mama must certainly have recognized a potential diva, and wisely schooled her in the art of courting human suitors. Male, female, adult or child, Ginger Rogers has learned that everyone can’t help but falling in love with her. Well, maybe not toddlers, as I’m not sure how Ginger would react to a baby plopping on her head while she sleeps, but after all, what is beauty sleep all about? However, kids older than five, or those that will let a sleeping dog lie, will easily be included in her pack of favorite humans.


Ginger Rogers didn’t acquire her name solely because of her beauty. Her life is a dance, and she lives it with gusto. Despite her girlish figure, Ginger Rogers will readily tango for a meal or treat, and would love to waltz through an obedience class. She is full of life, and responds readily to her human mentors. As a plus, Ginger Rogers’ house manners are impeccable. She understands that furniture belongs to humans, and doesn’t think about using the sofa for an afternoon nap. She is crated when her foster mom is gone, and readily enters the crate when rewarded with a treat. There have been no accidents in the house. (Goodness, how un-lady-like to even consider such a thing!)


Ginger Rogers is a diamond in the rough. She has a zest about her, but doesn't need a large place to run. Provided she has daily walks, Ginger would do well in a home without a backyard as she much prefers to hold court inside with her human(s). Through no fault of her own, she was returned to GALT because her family could no longer care for her. Ginger Rogers' foster mom will let you in on a secret – 5 is the perfect age! There are plenty of years ahead of her, and the adolescent stages are in the past. This wonderful greyhound can make a difference in your life.

Ginger's Foster Mom
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