Dinero, aka Dot's Dinero, is a handsome 2½-year-old red fawn male with a black mask. His sire is Molotov and his dam is Dot's Rolly. Dinero is a brother of Dafney and Dasher, other members of the GALT family. Dinero is in a foster home with other greyhounds and is cat trainable.

Dinero began retired life as a shy, cautious boy. At first, he stuck like glue, following me everywhere, crowding close to my heels. After a few weeks in his new foster home and becoming part of the pack (he has 3 greyhound siblings), he has blossomed into a playful, affectionate and curious guy. Dinero has discovered his voice. His welcoming serenade can be heard from the garage as he greets my arrival. Dinero's exuberance upon greeting a loved one is one of his best qualities. He literally jumps and quivers with joy when I arrive home, barking his happiness and excitement. He loves to keep watch over the family and always has an ear up for any suspicious happenings. His multiple daily tours past the dining room windows are one of his favorite pastimes, as he checks the neighborhood for activity and unsuspecting dogs walking past. The only remnant of his former shyness is the occasional mad dash to the bedroom when he is startled by a strange or loud noise.

He is well behaved and responds to most commands; however, he will flex his canine muscle with the "come" command. If he happens to be cozy in his pallet at night, he might require extra coaxing, in the form of the leash and firm persistence, to get him to go outside. He is crated during the day sometimes and does well. He goes in calmly, with a little coaxing and his favorite treats. At night, he sleeps happily beside the bed on his pallet. He has had very few accidents, and if he starts to pace, he needs to go outside.

Like all other greys, Dinero does love to lounge. He can be found on his bed in the den, with one ear up to scope, or he can be found outside, lounging on the deck or in the grass, in a pool of sunshine. Dinero is a true gentleman on a leash, walking sedately beside me. He does not pull or tug and greatly enjoys our daily walks. The same cannot be said of his pursuit for kisses and hugs. He is the first one up on the bed in the morning and if there are hugs to be had, he is always in the middle (literally). His sweet little face and firm body can always be found between me and any of my three other greys who are receiving attention.

Dinero is a sweet and wonderful boy, who would love to become a permanent member of your home. His shyness at meet and greets is not a true indication of his fun personality, as you can read above. He is just a grey who is much happier at home. Just give him a chance. You won't be sorry!

Dinero's Foster Mom
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