Mack is a strikingly handsome brindle-and-white almost 3-year-old male, born in July 2001. Mack and Luke arrived at GALT together and are littermates. Their registration ears are double tattooed, so we are not able to trace their history. Mack has "Omar Sharif" eyes and is a gentle and so sweet boy. He is very good on a lead, and stays by your side for affection. It is not known at this time if Mack is small animal or cat tolerant.


Mack-a-roo is the greyhound version of the Disney dog, Goofy. A beautifully marked white and brindle boy, Mackie has a very svelte way of dropping his head to watch you from the tops of his eyes. But don't let those bedroom eyes fool you because this guy is more of a Jim Carrey than a Cary Grant. Mackie has learned to 'goose' me with that long needle nose when least expected. I believe he enjoys the reaction, because when I jump and look behind me, there stands Mackie just grinning from ear to ear. And what a pair of ears he sports! When something gets his attention, those bat ears stand high, upright and at attention, as if he is just hanging on to every word. Maybe that's what makes him such good listener. Mack loves hanging out with me while I talk about my day, but I suspect it's more about the chin scratches that he gets to collect for being such a good boy. Mack is a very social dog and has assigned himself the task of following me around the house, making sure that I don't get lost.


In a month's time here, Mack has morphed into a totally different dog from the one who originally arrived. Mack's past is a mystery because he joined GALT as a stray, but from first appearances, there is no doubt he had been living outdoors. His coat was dry, thick and fuzzy and took almost 2 weeks to brush out. But he's had a makeover, and the hair that is growing in is sleek and shiny, reminding me that he really is a greyhound after all. Mack was extremely thin with a touchy stomach that gave him some trouble when he first transitioned into homelife, but he is getting back on track now and a few more pounds will make him a very handsome boy. Mack's personality is also evolving. Had you asked a month ago, I would have described him as quite the lounger. And yes, while he is still enjoys retirement, Mackie is feeling a whole lot better these days and has more energy. He has learned how to play and loves to putter around in the back yard with my other greyhounds. His teeth chatter when he gets excited, and you had better hold on to your hat when the leash appears because you have just made Mack's day by suggesting a walk. Grinning, chattering and pogo-ing, he is barely able to contain his enthusiasm as we head for the door. Nobody is a stranger, and Mack loves meeting people as we head down the street. Mackie is a little bit mouthy, meaning he likes to grab your arm in his mouth when he gets excited. It's a gentle mouth and he is learning that 'cut it out' means just that, but he probably would not be the best dog for a family with toddlers.

Mack is crate trained and has no issues with a crate or with my absence when I leave the house. His house manners are top notch, and after a month I no longer crate him when I leave for a few hours. Of course nothing is left out in his favorite room, the kitchen, but there have been no potty accidents or chewing episodes and he has never given a thought to jumping on the furniture. He does enjoy looking out the windows, so expect a few tell-tale nosemarks on the glass. Mack, aka Goofy, is a sweet boy and will make a fine companion.

Mack's Foster Mom
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