Michael Michael

Michael is a sweet, cute 5-year-old black male, born in 1999. Michael's history is not known, as he was turned in as a stray to the Tri Cities Shelter. His mannerisms indicate he has been in a home before. Michael is gentle and docile, and loves to take treats from you. He is a terrific car-rider and is always ready to go! Michael is a smaller boy with ears tips that flip forward! Michael is small animal and cat tolerant.


At times, Michael is a "Velcro dog." He will follow us everywhere we go and likes to know what is going on. He does have his quiet moments too, when he relaxes or chews a bone. He is a lover and just wants to be loved back. He walks extremely well on a leash and responds promptly when I call his name to continue walking because he (or his foster brother or sister) has stopped to sniff. We have two cats and he does not give them the time of day. As far as he is concerned, they do not exist, although, we do keep our eye on him. He loves to be scratched under his neck (like some cats do), which we find very interesting. He stays in his crate all day while we are at work and sleeps there at night. I have found the best way to get Michael in the crate is with a treat.

Michael loves to go for rides in the car. When I come home, my husband will let him in the garage (with the garage door closed of course) and Michael wants to jump right in the car. He gets along very well with our two greyhounds. With his long nose he does like to attempt to sniff the counters, but responds very well with a firm "no, Michael."

Michael is a wonderful dog and we really hope you consider him, we guarantee he will be eternally grateful!

Michael's Foster Mom
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