Robin Robin

Robin came to GALT as a stray from the Sherman area, found on the property of a private ranch. Robin's tattoos are illegible, so her history is a mystery. She is a beautiful red-fawn female, and it is estimated she is about 3 years old. Robin is in a foster home living with several other greyhounds, where she has blossomed from a shy girl to one who likes to tell everyone what to do! Robin is currently in a foster home with cats and appears to be cat trainable.

When Robin came into our home approximately 4 weeks ago, she was extremely shy and cowered when you approached to pet her. Over the four-week period that we have had her, she has completely broken out of her shell. She is a beautiful, confident young lady. Because she was a stray found with 2 other male greyhounds, she had the habit of cocking her leg like a boy. Jokingly, we called her our little tomboy. However recently, she has picked up the habits of our female greyhound, Allie, and has become quite the lady.


Robin is probably the most affectionate greyhound I have experienced to date. She wants to lay next to you and just cuddle her head and body next to yours. She's a kisser and has the most wonderful love about her. She is very obedient and responds quickly to a soft "no". Robin is also a "collector". The first thing she does in the morning is to run to the toy box and pull out all the toys, one by one, and stuff them into her crate or favorite place in the living room. She seems to give each of her toys attention as if to say, "you're all my playmates"! She plays so quietly by herself that sometimes you don't even know she's there. At other times, she loves to follow you around and be your buddy. She has excellent potty habits and crates very well. Of course, a treat makes her jump into her crate!

Robin deserves a home where she will be loved and nurtured. She will need a home that does not have cats. She would probably do best in a home where she can be the boss, as she has a strong, confident, yet gentle, personality. When you look into those gentle brown eyes as she gazes at you, you can't help but to fall in love with this beautiful creature. We will have a hard time giving her up.

Robin's Foster Moom


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