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Yoda, aka Table Stakes, is a 12-year-old black female born September 8, 1999. Her sire is Kid Creole and her dam is Hondo Prism. Yoda has 83 races to her credit at Corpus Christie on, starting on April 27, 2001 and ending on January 15, 2003. She went on to have two litters of puppies. The 2006 litter included GALT's Faro, Cannon and Roulette, while the 2007 litter included GALT's Eric and Sheldon. This little girl certainly had some beautiful boys!

Yoda has been turned over to GALT due to owner illness. Yoda passed her inital cat test, but after spending more time around cats, Yoda has shown her true feelings - she is not cat tolerant.

You'd never guess that Yoda is 12. She's still spry enough to be a mover and shaker, especially for the right toy or treat! Yoda likes her short strolls around the neighborhood. Stairs are a little tricky, though; she'd do best in a home without them.

Yoda would make a fine only dog. Or, depending on the personality mix, she'd get along well with other dogs, too. She loves her people; in fact, we've caught her dragging dog beds and blankets around in order to get closer to us!

This petite cutie has lovely house manners. Smart and food-motivated, she learned the "crate" command in just a day and now crates calmly. Yoda is an experienced roacher and with a nice, fluffy dog bed to help out she'll often sleep half the night rolled over on her back.

You may not know it yet, but you seek Yoda!

Yoda's foster parents