Sheldon, aka LRC Sheldon, is quite the handsome almost 2-year-old red fawn male born June 12, 2007. His sire is Dodgem By Design, making his grand-sire the late famous Gable Dodge, and his dam is Table Stakes. Sheldon just doesn’t have competitive racing in his heart, as he would much rather socialize with other hounds and people!

Sheldon’s introduction to cats: Sheldon is a mellow fellow who is OK with cats. When he first met Lila, his tail was gently wagging as he sniffed her over. He then turned to check out the rest of his unfamiliar surroundings. While outside on a potty break, he didn’t pay any attention to the white cat coming home by way of the back yard. I was on the ready, but he wasn’t. So after he got to check out that cat indoors, the muzzle came off. He checked out the cats a little more at my coaxing, but always turned away of his own choice. Cats are just a part of this strange new environment for him. As always, we advise close supervision of the canine/feline introduction process.

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