Dog Day Afternoon

June 9, 2007

Even the heat and humidity couldn't keep GALT and its Greyhounds away from Dog Day Afternoon. June 9, 2007 was the date of the annual event sponsored by Operation Kindness and Bob Woodruff Park in Plano. Many breeds were represented and everyone enjoyed petting the Greyhounds. This was also a good place to test the Greyhounds with small dogs - Amy, Badger, and Hayden were very respectful (actually they didn't pay much attention at all) of the small dogs, but Explorer was another story. No small dogs for that boy. I don't believe Nicky came nose to nose with any little dogs. It was a good day for James, too, because his adoption was completed. Marty came to visit and was cooled by a wet cloth. Thanks to Joe and Mary Hoiles for doing the heavy lifting (setting up the tent and booth) and to the volunteers who brought their fosters. See you again next year.