Hayden Hayden

Hayden, aka Hannibal, aka Boc's Hannabell, is a strikingly handsome 2-year-old fawn male, born April 4, 2005. His sire is Dox Out of Peace, and his dam is KL's Cindy Lou. Hayden showed very little interest in racing, as his first race was November 25, 2006, at Valley Race Park in Harlingen, with his third and last one being December 7, 2006. Hayden's tail was amputated due to an injury, and because he is so friendly and personable, it now vibrates like a tuning fork! Although Hayden may not be cat tolerant, he had no interest in all of the small dogs at Dog Day Afternoon (however, the ducks were another story). We can do more testing with him as necessary.

Hayden is a GREYT houseguest! You would NEVER know that he is only two years old. He is definitely a "people person." He loves his humans most of all. I have never been around a hound that loves all the hugs and kisses he can possibly get. He just can't get enough. I LOVE IT!


Hayden has NEVER tried to get on the furniture in the bedroom, but will get on the couch if he is allowed. He is also okay just lying on his own bed in the living room if we don't want him on the couch. If we are watching TV in the evening, he will get as close to me as he possibly can and put his head in my lap and use me as a pillow. He is content just lying there, but never complains about having his tummy or head scratched! When I get up to go to another room, he follows matter where that may be! If I go to the garage or to the front yard and shut the door behind me, he waits at that door until I come back in! He will even bark at me as if to say "get back here - I need some more hugs"!

My absolute favorite thing about this handsome boy is his beautiful smile! He loves to show off his pearly whites! He gets so excited when we get home that he smiles uncontrollably and talks to us (Roos) until we give him hugs and tell him how GREYT he is! Hayden LOVES to play with the balls around the house. He sleeps with a small one right on his bed. It is the cutest thing. When he first came into our home, he would take the ball to another part of the house when we would throw it for him. He has now figured out that if he brings it back, we will keep throwing matter how tired WE get. He could go at it for hours if we would let him.

He is crate trained, but prefers not to go in there if he can get away with it. He has free run of the house when we are home and has never chewed up anything. He sleeps in our room at night on his own bed at the foot of our bed. If he needs to go potty in the middle of the night (which is very rare), he will nudge you with his big wet nose and if you ignore him, he will bark and whine until you get up to let him out. He immediately goes out and does his business and comes in to go back to sleep. He has NEVER had an accident in the house.

Hayden gets along very well with his other K9 friends in the house. He loves to play and we have never had any dominance issues over toys or food. We recently found out that he is small dog tolerant. He played with two small pugs for an entire weekend and loved every minute of it. He is also very good with children. It seems like every time there is a small child around, he gets on his back and lets them scratch his belly. Talk about a smart boy! Getting down on their level for some tummy scratches!!! Who wouldn't love that?

He is learning very quickly how to walk on a leash. He was definitely a "puller" at first, but he is really getting the hang of it. We continue to work with him. He just needs some consistency and he will be the perfect neighborhood walker! I cannot say enough wonderful things about this boy. He is a big lover that will make any family very happy!

Hayden's Foster Mom
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