Badger Badger

Badger, aka Wistex Badger, is a striking 5-year-old white and brindle male, born May 11, 2002. His sire is Elway Drive and his dam is Kc Babs. Badger has 136 races under his belt, starting July 11, 2004, at Bluffs Run in Iowa, and finishing on February 21, 2007, at Valley Race Park in Harlingen. It is time for him to put those paws up and relax! Badger is one cool dude - he loves people and is very interactive!

Badger's overnight cat test went something like this: We showed him Pepper (the big, non-moving cat); Badger was more interested in trying to look out the window and practically stepped on Pepper's big, cowering body. We pulled Badger away from the window, picked Pepper up, and set her down so she would move. Badger looked at her, his ears went up, he followed her for a few steps, and then he moved on to something else. We then chased Molly out from under the bed, just to be sure about him; the cat hissed at him and that was all he wanted to do with cats. Having never been in a home, he will need some watching at first, but he did not appear to have much interest in the little furballs. He settled down quickly on a dog bed. We believe he is cat trainable.


It is so much fun introducing Badger to the world outside racing. This is his first experience in a home, outside a racing kennel. If we could read his mind, we're pretty sure this is what he's been thinking: "If I'd known how fabulous retirement was, I'd have been a much slower racer. I'd have retired years ago. This is SO much fun. There are soft beds everywhere, meals and snacks, walks, toys, ear scratches, and kisses. This is a wonderful life."

Badger is loving it all. It is greyt fun watching him as he experiences all the newness. His ears point straight up with excitement and curiosity. He is both curious and eager to please. Badger loves attention and mastered the leg stroke for "more" immediately. He has a lovely contented sigh when he lies down.

Not only is he a beautiful white with brindle patches, but he had the greyt sense to get some blue in his face as well, making him all the more regal.

Badger is definitely not crazy about the crate; so, after the first time leaving him, we stopped putting him in the crate. He has never destroyed anything at all in the house. True to his cat testing, once we informed him "no cat" he was not even curious anymore. He is a well-behaved boy who so appreciates the opportunity to be happily by your side. His whole body seems to radiate greytfulness at being retired and loved.

Badger's Foster Mom
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