Dog Day Afternoon

June 21, 2003
Bob Woodruff Park

Since GALT’s beginning, Operation Kindness and GALT have worked hand in hand in our missions to better the canine worlds. On Saturday, June 21, over 25 GALT greyhounds with their moms and dads gathered in support of Operation Kindness' Dog Day Afternoon at Bob Woodruff Park in Plano at 9:00am. Everyone participated in the Honor Walk, which was a way to honor or memorialize your beloved grey or honor GALT’s Miss Mesa Greyhounds and memorialize those GALT greys waiting at the Rainbow Bridge: Bart, Pye, Mick, Mesa, Emma, and Izzy.

In year’s past we have had a “booth” at this event, but this year we thought the Honor Walk would be a Greyt way to help Operation Kindness and have fun with our greys at the same time. Operation Kindness works with GALT in transferring any greyhounds they receive to us for placement, and also helps GALT in taking mixes that we rescue.

It was a complete success for GALT and Operation Kindness! Many thanks to those of you who came and made it a GALT family reunion!

We had a ball, which you can see by these pictures! Our sincere thanks to Operation Kindness for allowing GALT to be a part of this prestigious fun event!