12-year-old Emma, aka Texas Sass, was turned into the Richardson Shelter by her owner after having her 7 years because they were allergic. Jan Blackburn adopted Emma and Paule on February 25, 2002. She had Emma exactly 3 months before her departure to the Rainbow Bridge. Isn't it wonderful that the last 3 months of Emma's life, which would have been almost 2 years to her, were spent in the loving care of Jan and her menagerie? Below is the email that Jan sent when she and Angel invited Emma to join their family, and it is a very fitting memorial for her.

doG Bless you Jan, for making Emma's last days probably the best of her life.

February 16, 2002

Dear Emma,

This is Angel (an almost blind 8-year-old Yorkie). Mom (Jan Blackburn) and I have already expressed our interest in Paule (he's such a handsome dude - makes my heart all a twitter). And now Mom and I also want to speak for you.

Neither Mom nor I are very young and it'll take all of us with a few years on us to handle a rather young rascal that Paule would be. And we figure that with all the love that we have to offer, and your experience perhaps you would like to complete our family. We promise to leave extra space on the bed for you, though just how much would be left after you and Paule bed down is questionable. It may be that Mom and I will be sleeping on the floor, but I doubt it. We're quite accomodating and flexible.

We have three rescued black cats and a rescued African Grey parrot named Smokie. We are all fixed except Smokie. So, you'd fit right in. Oh, and we're all housebroken too.

Mom and I have talked about it and we're offering a place to you for a forever home. We love you already. Mom says you are very pretty. (I don't see so well, and I have to really squint, so I'll take her work for it) She even has your picture printed off right next to Paule's so we can look at you and pray for you every morning and every evening.

Well, that's all for now. I think Mom spoke to Susie earlier and she has our phone number and address.

Smiles (and I show all my teeth when I smile) and lots of tail wags and love,


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