Mick is small red brindle male that came to GALT's greyhound family as a stray. He is very young for his age, and plays well with both his foster family's small and large dogs. If you are looking to add a senior to your family, Mick would be a wonderful addition.

His foster mom describes him as "sweet, very calm and polite, gentle, and a cuddler"! He likes to go for walks, is leash trained very well, crates well, loves getting his tummy rubbed, and in between, sleeps at his foster mom's feet. Mick would be perfect for an older family wanting to add pet companionship to their lives. Mick is cat safe and gets along well with other dogs.

Mick was added to GALT's family of greyhounds on August 12, 2001, a Saturday evening. He had been found wandering the streets, without any collar or identification, close to the busy intersections of Buckner Boulevard and NW Highway about 10:00pm. He was a small red brindle male, with the biggest ears ever, and stooped, arthritic back legs. We could read his tattoos, but there was not a record to be found at the NGA as to who his owner of record was.

Dr. Shelley Hempell asked her neighbor and friend, Karen Ahlquist, if she could help GALT by providing a foster home for him......and Karen, being the animal-loving person she is, did not hesitate to say "YES"!

Over the next months, Karen and her family gave Mick more love than perhaps he had ever known. His favorite things were to lay in front of the fireplace at Karen's feet, or in a "sun spot" where his old arthritic bones were made to feel warm. He loved tummy rubs and was just about the best cuddler ever! Although Mick died without being "officially adopted", he WAS in his forever home, and he KNEW it.

So from Mick, "Karen, doG Bless You."

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